Writing erotica was the thing that allowed me to finally ditch the day job and realise my dream of being a full time writer. I’ve been able to write full time for the past four years, and what a wonderful four years they have been. As well as erotica and contemporary romance, which I write in my maiden name, M.K. Elliott, I also write urban fantasy, PNR, and even some horror in my married name, Marissa Farrar. I now have ten novels and numerous short stories published, with another four novels due out this year.

As well as writing, I am mother to three gorgeous little girls, so if I’m not writing or reading, you can expect to find me either playing with them, or acting as referee between them. I live in Devon, England, though much of my work involves American characters as a lot of my influence comes from the United States.

B.C. (Before Children), I travelled extensively and have lived in both Australia and Spain, before settling back in the UK. I have a deep seated love of white wine and chocolate cake, much to my waistline’s dismay.

You can also find me at my facebook pages, M.K. Elliott or Marissa Farrar (which is where I hang out the most!).


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