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I’m very pleased to introduce the lovely Marissa Farrar as my Guest Author today.
Marissa has always been in love with being in love. But since she’s been married for numerous years and has three young daughters, she’s conducted her love affairs with multiple gorgeous men of the fictional persuasion.
The author of more than twenty novels, she has been a full time author for the last six years. She predominantly writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy, but has branched into contemporary fiction as well. You can read about her latest trilogy, Defaced: The Monster Trilogy, at the end of this article.

A prolific writer, Marissa explains how she makes her living out of writing and gives some very helpful advice along the way.

Earning Money from Ebooks

Marissa Farrar

I’ve found people don’t like talking about money—especially in the publishing business. If authors talk about wanting to earn money from their…

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