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fiftyshadesSo, last night I went to see that movie – the one everyone is either squealing with excitement about and rushing to see, or studiously trying to ignore.

Here’s my background on the books. I read the first book, and thought it was enjoyable enough – as long as you tried to look past the irritating internal monologue (you know, the one about her inner goddess), and the repetitive eye rolling, blushing, and lip biting, but by the time I got to book two, I was getting bored and irritated, so I never made it to book three.

Anyway, so there’s my background on the books – I’ve read two of them, but I wouldn’t describe myself as a huge fan. I was however, interested to see the movie. I wanted to see what they’d done with it from a professional point of view, but also, it was a good excuse to go out and drink wine with my girlfriends, and as a mother of three young children, I’ll take those opportunities whenever I can!

So, off I headed to the cinema, bottle of prosecco hidden in my handbag and stripper shoes on, half expecting there to be bag checks at the door, gaggles of leather clad, tipsy women clutching handcuffs and whips, and I was sorely disappointed! The cinema was exactly the same as it normally was –no plastic covering on the seats,or extra security on the door, and no one was dressed up! In fact I think my shoes were the sexiest item of clothing there!

Anyway, back to the movie. I’m happy to say the film stayed almost exactly to the book, so don’t expect any surprises. Dakota Johnson actually made a good Anastasia Steele, she had just the right amount of sweetness to her sexiness, and I really enjoyed her reactions to things Christian did. She giggled in the exact same way I think most of us would if someone suggested they were going to spank us for rolling our eyes at them.

Jamie Dornan who played Christian was a bit of a let down for me. While he kind of grew on me during the movie, he simply wasn’t physically big enough or sexy enough for me. He’s just too cutesy… too ‘boy next door.’ I always imagined Christian Grey to be physically intimidating, and he just wasn’t.

I did enjoy the movie though. It was refreshing to watch the story without being distracted by Ana’s irritating internal monologue or the constant eye rolling and lip biting (though this does happen a few times!).

As for the sex… well, there was some sex, and yes, there was bondage and handcuffs, but not a whole heap of it. After all, it was a regular movie, not a porno. There’s a lot of talk around the internet about the whole ‘this is domestic abuse’ thing, and actually, I thought the  producers made it quite obvious in the movie that Christian is fucked up about things and is ‘punishing’ Ana for the wrong reasons. At no point in the movie does she tell him she doesn’t want something, and he does it anyway. The whole thing was consensual, even though Ana is frankly an idiot at the end for telling him she wanted something when she doesn’t, and then blaming him for doing it anyway!

But overall, I enjoyed the movie. There were a few shouts of ‘I want my money back’ when it ended, but I like to think  those people were joking – though I could be wrong! Would I watch it again? Yeah, I would, but perhaps without the distraction of several hundred giggling women surrounding me!