I’m terrible at blogging, but I’ve made a promise to myself that I’m going to try to blog at least once a week from now on, and that includes my paranormal fiction blogsite Marissa Farrar, and my Erotic Ebook Deals site. 

I’ve been so rubbish, in fact, that I haven’t even posted here about the release of the previous three parts of my serial, Model, Wanted. It seems a bit strange announcing part four is out, when I haven’t announced part two or three! However that is what I’m going to do…

So, in case you hadn’t already gathered, part four of Model, Wanted is out now! Here’s the blurb and a bit of a steamy excerpt: 


She could sense his reluctance as he released his hands from her ass and stepped back, allowing space between them. He turned to face the road and quickly waved down a cab. She smiled. In New York, he was able to hail a cab within a minute. How often did that happen? Like Logan, Eric had an aura people couldn’t ignore.

They slipped into the back, Anya going first, quickly followed by Eric’s lean body. He gave the driver the address and then settled in, his arm slung around the back of the seat, behind Anya’s head.

The cab driver pulled into the traffic.

Eric edged closer and nuzzled her neck, making her squirm. His mouth pressed against the velvet lobe of her ear, and he spoke so gently she wondered if she’d misheard him. “I can’t wait until we get to my place.”

She turned to him. “Wh—” she started to say, but he silenced her with another kiss, his teeth gently finding her lower lip and grazing the sensitive flesh. He lifted his mouth from hers and pressed it back against her ear. “Open your legs.”

A spark fired through her.

“I’ll be discrete. I promise.”

He might be able to be discrete, but she wasn’t sure she’d be able to!

“You trust me, don’t you?” She nodded. “Now do as I say.”

She couldn’t resist him.

Anya parted her thighs a little, feeling the cool air hit her skin. She wore a pair of panties, but they were a flimsy scrap of material and wouldn’t hinder his progress.

Eric reached across her body and pulled the other side of her coat across her lap. He looked into her eyes, amusement and lust dancing in their chocolate depths in equal measures. The coat provided a barrier from any peeping eyes in the rear view mirror. He slid his hand beneath the jacket, his fingertips walking like a spider up the inside of her thigh. As she’d predicted, the panties were simply pulled to one side, and before she knew it, the warm probe of his fingers pressed against her pussy.

She stifled a moan and edged down in the seat, allowing her thighs to spread farther, making access for Eric easier. She was already wet from the time she’d spent with both Eric and Logan, and also from the wicked public display of affection in front of the bar. He slipped his fingers along her slit, opening her up.

He pushed one digit inside her. Her cunt clenched around the intrusion, and she found herself moving against him unconsciously, needing more. She wanted to lie back and open her legs for him fully, grab his hand and force two, three, even four fingers inside her and make him pump her hard. But she was acutely aware of the other man sitting only a matter of feet from her, and so she held herself back.

He made no attempt to kiss her again, just watched her intently, studying her every reaction as he fingered her in the back of the cab.

“Keep still, Anya,” he said, speaking against her ear once more. “He’ll notice.”

She wanted to whimper in frustration.

Eric pushed another finger inside her, increasing the stretch, creating the feeling of fullness she so desperately craved. Her hands reached for him, wanting to touch him too, but he pushed her hand away with the one he had spare. She could see the bulge in his pants, knowing he was as turned on as she was, if that was even possible, but he wouldn’t let her touch him.

Instead, she grabbed the material of his pants in one fist, bunching it up as he continued to push inside her with a slow, rhythmic pace. Her stomach tightened, the muscles in her thighs straining. Pleasure coiled and swam in her lower abdomen as he fingered her, converging to a peak in her clit. She arched her hips, wanting him to put pressure on the sensitive swollen nub. Her cream was slick on her thighs, and she imagined his hand must be soaked with her desire. She was too turned on to care.

As if he’d read her body and known exactly what she needed, he shifted the position of his hand slightly and used his thumb to put pressure on her clit. She turned her face, burying it against his shoulder as her pleasure stepped up a notch.

“Oh God,” she gasped.

He increased the pace, almost hard enough to hurt. Her building orgasm tilted her over the edge, and she plummeted down, freefall, held in the grip of the waves that powered through her. Her pussy clenched against his fingers, her hips involuntary rocking to pump his hand. To stop herself crying out, she bit into his shoulder.

“Everything okay back there?” The cab driver’s voice.

Anya managed to sit back up, Eric slipping his fingers from her cunt.

“Fine, thank you,” he said, his voice completely composed. He lifted his hand to his mouth and sucked her cream from his fingers.

Anya giggled, hiding her face against his shoulder once again.


Still unsure about whether or not she should allow the whole of New York’s artistic community to see her photographs, Anya allows Eric to convince her to meet the infamous Logan Blanc. The meeting takes an unexpected turn as Logan makes an offer she can’t refuse. But if she decides to tell her strict parents she’s been posing for explicit photo shoots, the experience could blow apart their relationship forever.

Please note: This book has a word count of approximately 13,000, or 45 pages of a paperback. It contains explicit scenes not intended for anyone below the age of 18. 

Eric and Anya’s story will be published as a serial, with a new addition to be released every couple of months at only $0.99!

Part One of Model Wanted, is FREE on most ebook sites!